Monday, May 23, 2016

Mystery Clubs

If you walk by our classroom, you might mistake it for a detective agency.  Do not be alarmed!  Third graders have been busy collecting different types of clues in their mystery texts.  We've been studying the facial expressions and suspicious actions of characters; we've been reading closely to notice any "slips of the tongue."  We're leaving no stone unturned as we are reading.  We've also been collecting common words in mysteries, and today, we've added evidence bags to our case files.  If you notice your child is watching you closely, it's because he or she is on the lookout!
Collecting evidence for our files

Reviewing case files with our small agencies. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Visit to the Longfellow House

We had a great morning at the Maine Historical Society and the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow House.  The exhibit at the museum focuses on who "Mainers"  really are.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Number Stories with Fractions

Today we constructed fraction lines on the floor.  Students then worked in partners to tell fraction number stories using their number lines.  As always, the class impressed me with their creative and humorous approach to mathematics.


At a recent conference, I attended a session on the importance of teaching students how to write about math.  One of my take-aways was the fact that we all remember things better when they are contextualized.  Writing about math allows students to place mathematical concepts within a story that bears relevance to their own lives.  Check out the article below to read more about this.