Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Few Grade Guidelines

Reading Logs:  Due every Friday (or end of the week as per the schedule). The reading logs are scored on a 4 point scale with grade level conversions. I am attaching the rubric below.  In the event that your child is sick...I will take that into consideration when scoring...but please ask your child to write a note on the log so that I do not overlook something. Please click the link to see the current reading rubric:

Science Assignments:  I will always attempt to give your child adequate in-school time to complete assignments.  I will always give them the rubric ahead of time, and will ask them to paste the rubrics in their science journals so they do not get lost.

Quizzes:  There will be occasional quizzes, in science they will mostly be open notebook.  

All of the above may be made up or revised for a higher score.  This will likely need to happen during WIN time or at home.  A missed reading log may mean some weekend or WIN time reading for example.  

As I enter the scores into our online Grade Book, the total points are automatically converted into letter grades.  This is not my preference as it does not reflect all of the great work your child has been doing in class.  It is just a place for me to keep track of assignments and what is missing.  

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