Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Welcome to Middle School!

Welcome to the Walsh Whaley Edlund Team!  We are in this new adventure together!  I am so excited to be teaching ELA and Science.  Starting middle school is a big step, but I promise that you are ready!  I live in Cape Elizabeth with my family.  Gus is about to start Kindergarten and Miles will have Mrs. Siegmund in the second grade.  Mr. Edlund has been building bookshelves and reading the newspaper all summer long.  I've had a great summer too.  I've travelled to Washington DC, Alabama, and the beach.  Of course, I've also been reading up a storm! I can't wait to share some of the great books I've discovered with you.   I also went to Space Camp where I built a rover, an ablative heat shield, and set off a rocket.  I hope to try some of these activities with you too!

On the first day of school, you will get your schedule and other important information for middle school. Be sure to bring a morning snack.  You can bring lunch or try a la carte for lunch.  You could even do both!  

Soon, I will be going into set up the classroom and get things ready for the school year.  I will use this blog page to update you and your families of our learning as well as important dates and events throughout the year.  You can also follow my Teacher of the Year activities on my Twitter feed.  You will find this just below the supply list.  Keep checking this page for updates, and get ready for an amazing year!

Mrs. Edlund