Friday, May 5, 2017

Week of May 8th, 2017

Research Based Argument Essays Due on Tuesday.  I will accept essays until Friday, May 12.

Freedom Trail Information:

Important Information about our trip to
Departure and Arrival: Students must arrive at school by 7:45AM. We are leaving at 8:00AM sharp.  Depending on traffic, we will arrive back some time around 5:00PM. Please make sure that you are at CEMS no later than 5:00 PM to pick-up your child.

Dress: Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers (with socks) for walking outdoors ALL day.  No sandals or flip flops.  Make sure to bring an extra layer if there is any hint that the weather may be chilly. If rain is predicted, students should bring rain gear or an umbrella with them.

What to Bring: Daypack, filled water bottle, snack, lunch, sunscreen (apply beforehand, too), sunglasses/cap (optional), light jacket/sweatshirt, or rain coat- depending on forecast, and money for souvenirs/ice cream/treats. (~We recommend no more than $20).
Cameras and portable electronic devices are allowed, but you are responsible for them. You will carry whatever you bring in YOUR backpack, so only bring what you want to carry for the day.

Chaperones: Students will be assigned to a group with a parent chaperone.  Students will stay with their groups at all times, especially during our time at Faneuil Hall.  Chaperones will have a Freedom Trail packet, and cell phone numbers so they can contact teachers, if needed.  Classroom teachers and/or chaperones will carry medications needed for the day.

Overview of Our Day: We begin our tour at 10:15AM at the Boston Commons where we will meet our tour guides.  They will walk with us to Faneuil Hall, where we will have lunch around 12:00PM.  Around 1:00PM, chaperones will lead their groups along the remainder of the Freedom Trail and end up at Bunker Hill Monument.  The buses will meet us there and depart by 3:00PM.

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