Monday, June 12, 2017

Finishing Up

The Final Days of Fifth Grade

I truly cannot believe how quickly this year has passed us by.  I have loved getting to know your children this year, and am so excited to hear about their future middle school adventures!

Here are some things that you might check with your children about:

Language Arts:

1) Finish up historical fiction book and projects (most students are done)
2) We will write poetry for the remainder of this week
3) Revolutionary Tea...parents invited...light refreshments will be served

Mr. Whaley's Homeroom:  June 20th at 10:30
Mrs. Edlund's Homeroom: June 20th at 1:20


1)Rockets Lab Report...Due Friday 6/16...60 points

Each lab report should include:


Here is the rubric:

Lab Report Rubric

Check out this story on NASA's new class of astronauts:

new astronauts

WWE team goes to Fort Williams on Thursday at 9:30
Edlund homeroom goes to pool on Monday 6/19 at 1:00

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