Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week of February 28th

Welcome Back!

In Science:  We are beginning a unit on mixtures and solutions.  This week, students will build water filters.  Check back next week for photos.

In the mean time, enjoy this lovely song from our friend Mr. Edmonds:

Mixtures and Solutions Song

Language Arts:

IXL skills to practice:  VV 4, UU 1, UU2, MM1, MM2

We are working on using context clues and root words to enhance comprehension and word acquisition.  We will also focus on writing summaries of non fiction.

Before Vacation, we had a little fun in our classroom!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week of February 6th

Saying Good Bye to Ms. Anugrah.  
Sadly, she has returned to India.  We had a wonderful time learning about her country and her culture.  

This week in Language Arts...
We will focus on tackling more complex non fiction texts.  We will practice two strategies: Previewing texts, and inferring main idea statements.

This week in Science:  We will wrap up our Living Systems Unit.  Students will turn in radish seed lab reports, and experiment with erosion.  

IXL:  Context Clue Practice:  VV. 3, VV4.